Discovery+ to premiere Mission Frontline with Rana Daggubati on January 21

Discovery+ to premiere Mission Frontline with Rana Daggubati on January 21

Mission Frontline poster

After debuting Ladakh Warriors, Discovery+ announced its second Indian original featuring multifaceted personality Rana Daggubati titled Mission Frontline. The special will debut on Discovery+ on January 21 on time for 72nd Indian Republic Day.

The special will be showcasing the Border Security Force, the country’s first line of Defence. Rana Daggubati will experience the life of a BSF jawan by living with jawans at the Murar Post, Jaisalmer. The streamer said Rana Daggubati will perform the tasks of the jawans and will be trained to use weapons, firing live rounds, patrolling on Camel, etc.

“India’s Border Security Force – or the country’s first line of defense has no holidays, no breaks and no breathers. If it isn’t for those brave-hearts always on their toes, our nation stands at risk. I feel grateful to have been able to meet them, live with them and train with them. As a civilian and countryman, this experience gave me perspective on what goes into guarding our frontiers, 24/7. These Jawans are our lifeline, our guarantee to sovereignty, and they’re the true heroes. Going by what I experienced in Jaisalmer, Mission Frontline is a tribute to those Jawans’ grit and spirit, with the intention to drive home some inspiration and gratitude for our defense forces, whose service we often take for granted.” said, Rana Daggubati in his prepared statement.

Discovery+ is the global real-life entertainment streaming service that costs Rs 299 annually in India. The platform brings infotainment and reality content from various Discovery-owned brands and BBC.

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Looking forward to it. Enjoyed Ladakh Warriors will recommend others to watch it too. Production level was top class.

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