Discovery Plus now available for Android TV

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About a week after Discovery Plus support on Twitter stated that Discovery Plus app would be available for Android TV in July, an unreleased version of Discovery Plus for Android TV is now available on Android TV. Discovery Plus customers can now experience the app on Android TV.

The update came courtesy of our community forum member Nilu334 who has accessed the Discovery Plus app for Android TV. The app was released on 2nd July, 2020. The Android TV app has an app size of 8.62 Mb with 1.0.2 being the latest version.

Discovery Plus now available for Android TV

Discovery Plus is now available on Android, iOS, Android TV and on the desktop and mobile web along with Amazon Fire TV. The presence on Android TV further bolsters its availability.

The demand for Discovery Plus on Android TV has been growing in the recent past with customers tweeting multiple times on Twitter enquiring about the whereabouts of the Android TV app of Discovery Plus. The launch which is likely to be formally announced later this month will come as a relief for Android TV users.

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    • Download the app from the Android TV play store and login using the same account that you used to subscribe on your Roku.

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