Windows 10 Not Showing Wi-Fi Network Also After These Fixes


16 May 2021
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Hi, I am having an issue with the Wi-Fi connection of my windows 10 PC. My PC is not showing(at first sometimes it showed and sometimes did not) the Wi-Fi network of the router but other Wi-Fi networks such as mobile hotspots are showing up. Also, other devices can detect the Wi-Fi network of the router seamlessly. . The most interesting fact is that if I take wi-Fi from the Router and share it via Wi-Fi tethering, this also is not showing up on the PC.

Methods I followed to fix it up -
• Updated Wi-Fi driver
• Unplugged and plugged the Wi-Fi receiver.
Reinstalled windows 10
Changed the SSID of the router.
• I even tried changing the modem.

But nothing of the above worked for me. Please Guide me to fix the issue.
Make sure its 2.5Ghz wifi band in your router. Maybe your laptop doesnt support 5Ghz band and your router set at 5Ghz
Try resetting the router using the reset button and then use the default SSID and password, see if it shows up on the PC as available network.
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