Seeking Help Vu premium tv and binge+ box Bluetooth issue


14 Dec 2016
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Currently I have disabled Bluetooth and wifi in my binge+ box as it is too laggy and using it as normal box. I have paired my binge+ remote (vol+, vol-) with my vu premium tv but the problem whenever I using binge+ remote to increase or decrease volume it is kind of acting in Bluetooth mode ..suppose I press vol+ once in binge+ remote, the led light glowing for sometime and then changing ..what I feel this is first trying in Bluetooth as TV supports Bluetooth and then going to RF mode and thus volume change is quite slow..

I checked vu tv all settings but there is no option to disable Bluetooth ..

Please help.anyone else facing same issue
I didn't faced any issues in my Lloyd 4K HDR TV...
i think these issues comes if mix devices in to 1..means pairing ...
I never paired other devices with Any remotes... comfortable to use different remotes..
Y can't u try once..
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