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23 Jan 2016
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Hi friends,
Please suggest me an optimum plan/network based on my requirements. Airtel Fiber, Jio fiber & Airfiber all available in the area.
Currently I've 6 numbers. 2 each of Airtel (postpaid), BSNL (will switch both), & Jio. Also additional 1 jio for permanent house-help.
Except cricket matches, I don't watch any channel. 4K compatible box is required as my TV is 4K.
Required for 1 Desktop (very rarely used), 1 laptop and OTTs on TV (through STB). OTT subscriptions are not that important as nowadays I rarely watch any.
OTT Subscription:
Currently having Netflix with Tata Play Binge+ (will move out from Tata Play), Prime Video valid up to Feb'25.
Hi @Endgame bro,
You are asking your query on wireless broadband services group while your area don't have airtel air fiber.
in my view, jio air fiber is good. i'm not getting any interruptions in last 50days as i'm from urban area.
some persons are telling vpn issue in jio air fiber. but, i'm daily using sophos connect and forticlient vpn daily. no issues for me.
Note: Better to ask your near by users.
Go for Airtel Black. It perfectly fits your requirement postpaid, dth and fiber. They offer you a hybrid dth set top box that supports 4K. If you ever face any down time. You can watch cricket on it. It also supports OTT in 4K. Only con is lack of attractive OTT bundle which you don't want. Airfiber is a backup device. You must only get it if you have no access to proper wired fiber.
Any insights on 6+1 mobile connections @JioAF_APTG & @iDJ bros?
Need to have 4+3 (4 Jio or 4 Airtel).
Also one point I missed, I'm shifting to a different city next month, these combinations are for new city only.
My current Tata Play balance is till May end and JioFiber till 30th June. Is there any big benefits relocating Jiofiber (different state)?
Is there any big benefits relocating Jiofiber (different state)?
There's one benefit on JioFiber that is, you can relocate JioFiber completely free of cost as it has no charges for relocation.

And there's one big drawback with Jio AirFiber relocation that is, there is no provision to relocate AirFiber connection yet.
Any insights on 6+1 mobile connections @JioAF_APTG & @iDJ bros?
Need to have 4+3 (4 Jio or 4 Airtel).
I don't think any single offer bundles 7 mobile connections. You should opted for Airtel Black with 4 connection and some Jio's postpaid family plan.
Is there any big benefits relocating Jiofiber (different state)?
None, just free relocation. Just like in telecom Jio don't have any segmented offer.
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