Good News Purchased new Sony Bravia 50" KD-X80L 4K Smart LED TV

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Bapun Bro. Please do share the content they offer you with Bravia Core service.
Congratulations @Bapun Raz bro... Same pinch

I bought 55inch LG G2 for 119800. Got it delivered just now,will be installed tomorrow.
Ps.. Not hijacking your thread. :p
Thank you very much for the wishes friends. I have added the remote pic to the first post. The remote looks big in the pic due to closure capture, but in actual it is smaller than a Tata Play remote. :D

The TV feels superb so far. :)
1. Except Bravia core subscription there is no difference between 80K(2022) and 80L(2023). So was there any reason to go with this specific model.
I didn't wanted to go for the older model after a side by side picture quality comparison bro. This new model has slightly improved color contrast.

There are some software based changes on X80L compared to X80K from what I got to know on a thorough comparison of both TVs on the Sony showroom.

2. Did u took any extended warrenty service from sony or planning to take ?
No bro. I didn't invested on extended warranty, not planning to take either. However, if you are ready to spend some money on it, I think the extended warranty is worth it for peace of mind.

3. I heard sony only providing 1 year warrenty on tv where as other manufacturer like lg/samsung provides additional one year warrenty on panel. Please enlighten about this.
Yes bro. 1 year on the panel and 2 year on other components I also heard. During Dussehra and other festival sales you might get extensions offers on the warranty.
Please do share the content they offer you with Bravia Core service.
I will try bro. I have heard on the Sony showroom that Bravia Core will have Sony Pix movie library along with some other high-quality content.
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