Purchased a JioFiber Prepaid connection - installation experience and initial Impressions inside

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3 Nov 2010
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I have purchased a Jio Fiber connection on 1st February. I took their Rs.1500 variant prepaid offer (i.e. without the OTT set-top box).


So let me share my Jio Fiber installation experience and initial Impressions.

I noticed Jio Fiber dp box on our street poles since a few weeks now. But there were no advertising from Jio end. So thought they are yet to start giving connections.

Then on 31st Jan I simply filled the Get JioFiber form just to hear from Jio people if the connections are available in my area yet. It was 11:30pm night when I submitted the form on the Jio website.

The next day morning (yesterday) around 9am I got a call from the Jio office asking my exact location. I provided them with the same. Within one hour (by 10am) they very promptly sent a sales person to check my location feasibility. As the sales guy found my location feasible. We proceeded with the KYC using Aadhaar and after that I paid Jio a security deposit of Rs.1500 using online payment.

While ordering Jio Fiber, the Jio Fiber sales guy provided me an additional offer to avail referral benefits using some jugaad and he referred some other number to my new connection. So that way I got FRC 1month free + another month free by referral. In total I got two months free instead of one month.

Installation was initially scheduled for the next day as I received an SMS. But within the next 30 minutes I received a call from the installation team that they will visit my residence by the afternoon. As soon as the call ended, they rescheduled the installation time from 2nd February to 1st and arrived my place at 3pm. The actual scheduled time was 5:30pm but the whole process was completed much before that. So they were very fast with the installation. As expected the installation went super smooth.

I got the connection activated at around 4pm and the speedtest results were excellent. I always got beyond 150Mbps on the free 150Mbps plan.

Even the installation people were claiming before the installation that the speed would vary from around 130-140Mbps on the 150Mbps plan but I got 160-170Mbps speed constantly.

Apart from all this, the Jio FixedLine works really good. Voice clarity is superb. The free landline connection is like cherry on the cake.

I plan to connect my TP Link Archer C6 router to the Jio Fiber home gateway device to enhance the wifi range.

Till now I have discussed about pros, let's see what are the cons/issues that I noticed:

- Pings are a little high with Jio Fiber comparing to my previous ISP Railwire (you may refer to my speedtest screenshot below)
- The Jio Fiber cable that came from the electricity pole is very delicate. This can cause issues in long run I believe.

Apart from this no other issues faced.

My Railwire Broadband prepaid plan is due after 3 days and I won't be renewing it to fully utilize the new Jio connection.

Speedtest result:


Thanks for reading. Let me know your opinions through replies. :)
Congrats bro.. Jio Fiber is now available in our town, but since my house is few kms away from the city, they informed me that connection in that area will be possible by mid-March. Once Jio reaches our place, I will throw away BSNL fiber (main issue is the ad injection)
Thanks Rahul bro.

is 40 mbps plan speed quite good for daily needs.
What are your requirements?

You can take these things into consideration:
- number of devices that will be connected to the router

Speaking generally, for streaming OTT platforms 40Mbps plan is more than enough.
Bro that 135-140 Mbps was past thing now jio too provides little extra speed than plan.

By the way congrats. 👍
Thanks Rushil bhai.

Yes, @sumitroy bro also recently bought a Jio Fiber connection and confirmed this thing. I was just skeptical about it because still many areas get lesser speeds.

Once Jio reaches our place, I will throw away BSNL fiber (main issue is the ad injection)
Thanks for the wishes bro. Yeah, ad injection a big issue with BSNL Fiber. Good luck bro, hope Jio Fiber reaches your locality soon.
I am looking for daily needs like browsing. Thanks for clearing my doubt I think 40 mbps will be quite enough for me.

Is there any rebate or discount on installation on monthly or quarterly plans in airtel or jio, What are the installation charges.
Congrats bro. I had the same experience with Airtel broadband installation. Getting 120-130mbps constantly eventhough the plan is for 100mbps. Ping is always at 2-3ms

Ping for Jio seems a little high. May not be suitable for gaming.
Congrats Bapun bhai.
1. You should check their ping. That always seem to be high and it will cause problem in watching OTT(Happened with me as you can see. I posted in that jio thread).
2. About that free plan, it's free for 3rd month. It's like 1st month is free. For 2nd month, you have to recharge. Then only you can use that voucher on 3rd month.
Congratulations bro 🎉🥳😍
I also needs a new connection sadly due to Village area they are not offering me the connection 😞
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