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8 Apr 2011
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Permanently Display the Date in the taskbar (Windows XP)

The time is always there in the taskbar. But, if you want to see the date, you need to make the taskbar "taller" by dragging the top edge upward.
Here's how to expand the taskbar:
First , right-click the taskbar and ensure that "Lock the Taskbar" is not ticked. If there is a tick, click "Lock the Taskbar" to untick it.
Move your mouse to the top edge of the taskbar until the cursor turns into a doubled-ended arrow.
With the doubled-ended arrow displayed, hold down the left mouse button and drag the taskbar upward until it is about twice the normal height.
The day and date should now be displayed below the Notification Area clock.
If required, you can now re-lock the taskbar.
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