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24 May 2015
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Hi Team,

I had ordered PS5 on the sale that happened on 24th March, 2022 from ShopatSC and got it on 4th April, but unboxed it 2 days back as I was occupied with some important work, tried to order from Amazon since past 2/3 months due to Amazon Pay ICICI card but wasn't able to place the order, so this time tried from ShopatSC and luckily got it, costed me the complete price of Rs.49,990.

First impression was a beautiful and bulky console, and I had to place it vertically due to the space constraints but after placing it vertically it looks good and is stable due to the stand provided.

The first setup was really easy and got an immediate update of around 2 GB, and played Astro's Playroom which is perfect game to understand and experience the functionalities of the Dual Sense controller which is amazing having very awesome haptic motors.

Even ordered Far Cry 6 from Amazon which costed me Rs.2499 while on the PS5 store currently it is priced at Rs.1999 which was a shocker as I checked yesterday, but anyways still I am yet to start Far Cry and want to buy Horizon Forbidden West which I think is the most highly rated game currently available and is still expensive, once some sale comes I grab on to that.

Regarding other games such as Miles Morales etc I am thinking to go for the PlayStation Plus Premium that Sony would be offering starting June this year as it would contain over 450+ titles so would be a worthy subscription rather than buying single expensive games after every few days.

Presently Dolby Vision is missing which I hope is added soon to enjoy Netflix, and still no Disney+Hotstar app for India on PS5 which is heavily disappointing.

Attaching few pics, would take some pics from the games that I play in future days.
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Congrats KV bro for your new console 🎮 and thanks for sharing your first impressions.
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