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23 Feb 2018
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In addition to their main English language edition and the previously launched Hindi language edition for India, the ESPNcricinfo website/app is now also available in the Tamil language (along with live ball by ball commentary during matches).

So as of now, there are 3 editions of ESPNcricinfo for India alone:


1) The Hindi edition was launched in 2021, right before the IPL.

2) I am not aware when exactly the Tamil edition was launched (probably right before/during this IPL, because I do not remember noticing it before). I did Google about it and also searched ESPNcricinfo's Twitter about it, but there doesn't seem to be an exact launch date news about the Tamil edition. All I could find was some news long back from 2018, when ESPNcricinfo was mulling over launching Tamil & Bengali versions.



OnlyTech in Tamil. Than again people with personal ambition ignores such facts for their personal projects.
They could've easily added a google translate option. 😏

Please try to understand the difference between Translation and Localisation. They are two unique concepts in web designing with distinct differences. Translation is as easy as a click of a button using FREE plugins. There are paid premium plugins which do extra things too. but still, many brands prefer to go for localization because it has it's own advantages. Especially localisation has great advantage in SEO over translation. It's not a joke that both Translation and Localisation co-exist. They both have unique reasons and use cases. And I don't think ESPN is so makku to not realise it.
I don't know what makku is. Under whom ESPN is now currently I am pretty sure they are one now.
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