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13 Aug 2017
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Almost a year ago, I posted this question on the forums, asking about a comparison between Asianet Fiber and Kerala Vision broadband. I had made the switch to Kerala Vision right after that because my LCO helped me with a seamless migration (although I had to pay activation cost).

However, in this one year, whenever I used to come home from Bangalore, I could never work properly with Kerala Vision. All my office work has to be done via connecting to Cisco VPN if not inside the office premises. This Cisco VPN would usually drop and reconnect every 5-20 mins, despite the internet light glowing in the modem. (Imagine Big Data and ETL processing, I would often get in trouble developing code on local due to DB locks as a result of the job abortion due to the VPN disconnect).

On top of that second big thing I do with internet is gaming (Mobile + Laptop). In the games I play on laptop, the games would connect to the MENA region servers instead of SE Asia servers thereby giving a bigger latency (230ms MENA vs 45ms SEAS). Mobile games like COD is a different story altogether. Just like how my VPN disconnects and reconnects, my mobile games would also show such behaviour consistently.

I used to bear all this because I used to come home for at most a week. However now that Bangalore is running out of water, I had been constantly troubled always thinking about that. So I decided to take WFH immediately until the water situation is resolved in Bangalore. That is when I realized I can't do my work for the next few months on this sh#tty internet connection.

That's why I had to make a switch. My options were pretty limited:
  • Railwire (I had previously used Railwire where I had bad experience, and then made the switch to Kerala Vision)
  • BSNL Fiber (No thanks. Before Railwire I used to have BSNL Broadband non-fiber where I had a really awful experience. Troubling one I must say, only god knows how I put up with that connection for 10 years until the Railwire LCO arrived)
  • Asianet Fiber
Jio Fiber while being available in my city for almost 3 years now, is still not available in my area. So my only realistic option waws Asianet Fiber. Thus I had to go for it.
Initially I took a 200Mbps plan for 3 months which cost me Rs. 2024 along with activation charge of Rs. 500 (all excluding GST).

And boy I'm not surprised. For the first time ever in my city, I'm getting speeds as advertised (if not better)

Gaming wise also latency has improved a lot, no longer drops as frequently as it did before, and connecting to the correct region as well:

Overall, very satisfied with Asianet Fiber so far. Because I went for the 3 months plan, they've given me a dual band modem instead of a single band one. This one is heating up pretty quickly though. The previous modem only used to heat up after many hours of being turned on.
Congrats bro. Thanks for the detailed review.

Whether Asianet Fiber is self (company) operated like JioFiber or LCO managed? :unsure:
Congrats bro. Thanks for the detailed review.

Whether Asianet Fiber is self (company) operated like JioFiber or LCO managed? :unsure:
Thanks bro.
In my area it seems like it’s company operated, however I’ve heard there are LCOs too
Here's the modem they gave. A newer version of the Genexis modem I used to have with kerala vision.
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