YouTube launches referral program with up to 12 months of free Premium subscription

On signing up through the unique referral link and code, eligible users will get 3 months of YouTube Premium subscription for Rs 10.

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Google’s streaming platform YouTube has introduced a new referral program where existing Premium subscribers can share a unique code with their friends and get up to 12 months of YouTube Premium subscription for free. 

Referrers will receive 1 month of free Premium subscription with each successful referral to a new person which means you have to refer 12 people for 1 year of free Premium subscription.  

Referred users, on the other hand, will get a discount on their YouTube Premium plan. On signing up through the unique referral link and code, they will get 3 months of YouTube Premium subscription just for Rs 10. 

As of now, this referral program is only available on YouTube’s Android app and might later expand to other platforms. To generate your unique referral link/code, tap on the profile photo in the top-right corner of the YouTube app and open “Your Premium benefits.” 

Here, tap on the “Get up to 12 bonus months” card and you will get a URL that can be shared with others to get the referral benefit. Users can also check their rewards history on this page by clicking on ‘Rewards Activity’.

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