WPC issues notice to e-commerce companies regarding illegal facilitation & sale of signal jammers

WPC issues notice to e-commerce platforms to refrain from facilatating sale of wireless jammers.

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The Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing (WPC) under the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) last week issued notice to e-commerce companies regarding illegal facilitation and sale of signal jammers.

WPC in its notice said that the Government authorities had noticed the facilitation of the sale of wireless jammers which are capable of disrupting authorised telecom and other wireless networks on the online e-commerce platforms.

WPC in its communique intimated that the sale and use of wireless jammers are illegal. As such, the sale of such equipment by both online platforms as well any offline dealer for general consumption is viewed as an illegal activity. The use of wireless jammers is only allowed under exceptional circumstances only when authorised by Secretary (Security), Cabinet Secretariat per the guidelines issued by the Cabinet.

The sale of wireless equipment without any authorisation is also deemed illegal under the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885 or Indian Telegraph Act, 1933, unless exempted by rules. WPC has advised all e-commerce portals and offline dealers against any sale and purchase of any wireless device without ensuring proper compliances to the extant provisions failing which legal action will be initiated under existing acts and security guidelines.

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