Willow Review: A comforting fantasy that stays faithful to its original roots

The series follows Warwick Davis’ Willow and his unlikely crew of heroes on a quest to protect Andowyne as he encounters visions of a threat to Andowyne and to rescue Prince Arik.

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Since its acquisition by Disney, Lucasfilm has ventured out of the Star Wars universe by reviving one of the studio’s cult hits, Willow. The original film was never a financial success at that time, found its groove, and has gained a massive cult following over time. Jonathan Kasdan, known for his work on Solo: A Star Wars Story, created this sequel series that is set approximately 20 years after the original.

Warwick Davis returns as Willow, now the Nelwyn High Aldwin. Joanne Whalley returns as Sorcha, now the queen of Tir Asleen. The newer cast members include Ellie Bamber as Dove, Ruby Cruz as Princess Kit, Erin Kellyman as Jade, Tony Revolori as Graydon, and Amar Chadha-Patel as Boorman.

The series follows its predecessor’s footsteps making it an adventure series filled with lighthearted humor and romance and updated to contemporary times. Being a fantasy adventure series, it never attempts to replicate the hit fantasy television shows and stays true to its source by being a carefree adventure aimed at family audiences.

The updated setting also resulted in some interesting updation and inclusion to the lore. The series cleverly integrates fragments of the film’s characters’ characteristics into some of the newcomers. I have missed Val Kilmer as Madmartigan in this series, but it is to be excepted, given his health struggles. But Amar Chadha-Patel’s Boorman energy feels similar to Madmartigan’s. The same can be said about Willow and Dove’s dynamic compared to Willow and Raziel’s.

The writing and directing crew did an excellent job keeping the series in line with the original while adding their signature. I have enjoyed some of the relationships that the traveling party forms and re-defines over the time of seven episodes. The series is shot beautifully in the picturesque locations of Wales and England. I was slightly disappointed with the music choices, especially the inclusion of pop numbers at some junctures that didn’t feel in place. Another thing was the design of the evil characters serving Bavmorda. They could have designed them more convincingly.

Overall, Willow is a delight for fantasy and adventure viewers. Willow is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar and Disney+ globally.

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