Webex Communications India bags AS, ISP A, NLD and ILD licenses under UL (VNO) regime

Webex Communications India bagged mutiple authorisation under UL (VNO) regime on 25th May 2022.

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Cisco’s Webex Communications India Private Limited recently bagged Access Service (AS), Internet Service Provider (ISP-A), International Long Distance (ILD) and National Long Distance (NLD) service authorization under the Unified License Virtual Network Operator {UL(VNO)} regime.

As per DoT, Webex Communications India Private Limited was granted the UL (VNO) license/authorisation through license/authorisation number 20-1214/2020-AS-I on 25th May 2022. The authorisation involves Access Service (Mumbai), NLD (National Area), ILD (National Area), and ISP-A (National Area).

Application IDName of the Applicant CompanyLicense/Authorisation NoLicense/Authorisation Issue DateService
VN20200179WEBEX COMMUNICATIONS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED20-1214/2020-AS-I25-05-2022AS(MUMBAI), NLD(National Area), ILD(National Area), ISP A(National Area)

As per The Ken, Cisco is looking to axe its dependence on telcos by acquiring telecom licenses and applying for more. Cisco is said to be aiming to acquire telecom licenses to enable it to sell communication services independently. The report further states that Webex has applied for a Unified License (UL) for Access Service authorization for National Area.

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