Vi users can now set favourite songs as caller tunes on Vi app

Vi users can now set caller tunes in the music section on the Vi app.

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Vi customers now have the option to greet their callers with their favourite songs. The customers can set any song as their caller tune from a vast collection of the latest tracks on the Vi app.

Vi users can choose any caller tune from Vi’s wide repository of musical compositions spanning 20+ languages and 10+ genres cutting across various genres such as romance, bhakti, melody, comedy, regional, folk, classical, and a lot more.

The offering is available to caller-tune subscribers on the music section of the Vi app at no extra cost. The benefit can be enjoyed by new customers through a special monthly recharge plan bundled with the entire caller tunes catalogue for free at a subscription of Rs 69.

The caller tunes offering is also available to Vi users with unlimited song downloads at a monthly plan of Rs 49, a quarterly plan of Rs 99, and an annual plan of Rs 249. The users can also grove to Vi’s 22 million+ huge ad-free music across 20 languages through an exclusive 6 months premium subscription free at no extra cost.

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