Total number of telephones at 1174.94 million at the end of August 2022: DoT

Bihar, Delhi, and Andhra Pradesh recorded the maximum rise in number of telephones in August 2022 over the previous month.

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The total number of telephones stood at 1174.94 million at the end of August 2022, increasing by 1.43 million. In the preceding month, the total number of telephones stood at 1173.51 million. The maximum rise in total telephone connections was recorded in Bihar, Delhi, and Andhra Pradesh. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Haryana recorded the maximum fall in telephone connections over previous month.

Uttar Pradesh (East) continues to have the highest share in the total telephones followed by Maharashtra, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu. These five service areas account for 38.54% of the total telephones in India.

The share of the wireless segment stood at 97.79% whereas that of wireline telephones stood at 2.21% in total connections at the end of August 2022. The share of the public sector stood at 10.43% whereas that of private sector stood at 89.57%. The share of the rural areas stood at 44.58% whereas that of urban areas stood at 55.42%.

The overall tele-density stood at 85.14% at the end of August 2022. Himachal Pradesh has the highest tele-density among service areas followed by Kerala, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. Delhi topped among the metros followed by Kolkata and Mumbai.

The tele-density for the wireless segment stood at 83.26% whereas that of the wireline segment stood at 1.88%. The tele-density in the rural areas was 58.34% whereas that in the urban areas was 135.04%. The tele-density in the public sector was 8.88% whereas that in the private sector was 76.26%.

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