STL launches smart 5G indoor small cell Garuda

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Sterlite Technologies today unveiled Garuda, a smart 5G indoor cell that will play an instrumental role in building an indigenous 5G ecosystem and enable its customers to provide an -enhanced 5G experience in the future. 5G will enable data-intensive real-time applications and be a game-changer in the technology landscape.

5G signals will however require proximity to mobile devices creating a need for short-range networks raising questions over coverage at a premise level. The small cell indoor solution from STL addresses the challenges by using devices as cellular access points providing 5G grade coverage to meet the burgeoning data demands of the end users.

STL launches smart 5G indoor small cell Garuda

STL Garuda offers a low cost and agile means for faster 5G readiness, improving the economics for Digital Service Providers and enterprises. It will seamlessly complement the network capacity, density, and coverage of macro networks serving as a single board optical to radio interface for 5G low power pico cell applications. It can be installed within 30 minutes and deployed in a simple way like Wi-Fi. It is energy efficient, open interface with O-RAN specifications compliant, plug and play along with ease of deployment making it ideal for 5G indoor coverage.

“We are incredibly excited to launch Garuda and we believe it will play a significant role in driving 5G experiences for consumers by creating a dense environment for indoor coverage with the required speed, capacity, and low latency,” said Rajesh Gangadhar, CTO, Access Solutions, STL. “This technology has been indigenously developed in India as a part of our Atmanirbhar Bharat initiatives. Garuda is a next-gen product with an open interface that is not only cost effective, but also creates a new ecosystem for service innovation.”

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