Spotify now allows to exclude playlists from impacting recommendations

The excluded playlist can still be easily located in the Home tab, and "liked" songs within the playlist will remain unchanged.

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Spotify has introduced a new feature that allows users to exclude certain playlists from influencing their personalized recommendations. The feature is known as “Exclude from Your Taste Profile” and aims to prevent songs and artists that do not align with the user’s general listening preferences from affecting their recommendations.

Taste Profile is Spotify’s way of understanding users’ musical preferences based on what they listen to and how they listen to it. This information is used to personalize their Spotify experience with tailored recommendations and playlists, such as their top songs and Daily Mixes.

To exclude a playlist from your Taste Profile, Spotify listeners can use the iOS, Android, and desktop apps, as well as its web player. Simply select the playlist, tap the three dots button, and then select the “Exclude from Your Taste Profile” option. Although the feature has just begun rolling out, Spotify intends to make it available to all users soon.

When users exclude a playlist from their Taste Profile, it does not mean that it is completely hidden. The playlist can still be easily located in the Home tab, and “liked” songs within the playlist will remain unchanged. Additionally, the exclusion applies to both past and future listening to the playlist.

“We’re continuously working to find new ways to further improve the personalization experience by introducing ways to connect listeners, artists, and creators in a unique and enriching way,” Spotify said in a blog post announcing the feature. 

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