Sarah Paulson’s “Ratched” from American Horror Story makers coming to Netflix on September 18

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Ratched Netflix
Credits:Netflix/Touchstone Television

Ratched, a psychological thriller created by Evan Romansky and executive produced with Ian Brennan (Glee) and Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story) based on the Nurse Mildred Ratched character from 1962 novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey. The series explores origins of titular asylum nurse Mildred Ratched played by Sarah Paulson.

The series follow Ratched whom in 1947 arrives in Northern California to seek employment at a leading psychiatric hospital where unsettling experiments conducted on human brain. In secret mission Ratched presents herself as a perfect nurse and begins to infiltrate the mental health care system revealing monsters are not made but born within.

YouTube video
Ratched Trailer

The final trailer which released today suggests one of those unsettling experiments on the series will be lobotomy. The series also stars Judy Davis, Sharon Stone, Finn Wittrock, Charlie Carver, Alice Englert, Corey Stoll, Brandon Flynn, Annie Starke, Amanda Plummer, Sophie Okonedo and Vincent D’Onofrio.

The series sets to premiere on Netflix on September 18, which is produced by The Saul Zaentz Company, Ryan Murphy Productions in association with Disney’s Touchstone Television. In 2017, Netflix won the bidding war for the series and ordered two seasons consisting nine episodes apiece.

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