JioFiber starts enabling symmetric speeds

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JioFiber has started enabling symmetric speeds as promised in their latest plan revamp. Several existing customers started to get equal download and upload speeds marking the gradual removal of capping of upload speeds which was at 1/10th of download speed earlier.

JioFiber starts enabling symmetric speeds

One of our community forum’s JioFiber users, who recently switched to the Rs 1499 Diamond plan which offers 300Mbps internet speed has started receiving symmetric speeds. The download and upload speeds are almost similar, however, the download speed is lesser on the speed test due to the multiple devices connected, claims the user.

Another new JioFiber user who took a new connection and is currently on a 30 day trial period is also receiving symmetric speeds on his 100Mbps plan which is offering around 90Mbps upload and download speed.

JioFiber starts enabling symmetric speeds

JioFiber had for long offered only 1/10th upload speed which would have meant that the 300Mbps plan would usually offer 30Mbps upload speed. This has now changed with the revamp of JioFiber plans wherein Jio has promised symmetric speeds. This was a much-needed change and the most demanded one by the JioFiber users.

In other news, Netflix benefits are now available for redemption on the eligible JioFiber plans which can be availed from the MyJio app. The benefits are currently available to both new and existing customers.

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7 thoughts on “JioFiber starts enabling symmetric speeds”

    • Upload speed is the speed at which things are transmitted from your end. The other part depends upon download speed.

    • I knew something of it but not in deep so I asked.In this perticular case i asked because when we browse something or download or stream something then when we are uploading something?for exactly what use case an upload speed is used in day-to-day internet use if we don’t upload something?.Also I’m not hesitant to ask something that i need more knowledge of.Not like you that trolls anything & everything that meets your eye still being ignorant.bravo👏 man.get an education how to behave.get a life.

    • It all depends on personal use cases. A normal person downloads more than he uploads which is why a lot of ISPs offer asymmetric speeds with higher download bandwidth and lower upload bandwidth.
      When you stream videos you are downloading content but for someone who uploads a lot of content to Google drive or onto his personal YouTube channel, the upload speed also matters as much as download speed, so for such a person a symmetrical connection with upload speed equal to download speed is best.

  1. All operators except BSNL broadband are regional operators and are giving build up of high speed as if they provide their service like BSNL 2G (present everywhere).


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