Netflix benefits can now be availed on the eligible JioFiber Plans

Netflix benefits are now available for redemption on the eligible JioFiber plans which can be availed from the MyJio app. The benefits are currently available to both new and existing customers. However, in the case of the existing customers, only those who are subscribing to the eligible new plans are able to redeem Netflix subscription.

Netflix benefits can now be availed on the eligible JioFiber Plans

OnlyTech community user who was subscribed to the old Gold plan switched to the new Rs 1499 Diamond plan which offers a Netflix Basic subscription, which costs 500 per month. Even though the said plan only offers a Basic subscription of Netflix, JioFiber is at the same time allowing customers to upgrade to higher Netflix plans by letting them pay the difference amount.

Netflix subscription can be activated through the MyJio app and used on other devices even though the app is yet to onboard JioFiber set-top box. The said user paid a difference of Rs 300 to switch from Basic to Premium plan. As of now, existing users on eligible old plans are yet to get Netflix subscription.

To recall, JioFiber is offering Netflix Basic subscription on Rs 1499 Diamond plan, Netflix Standard subscription on Rs 2999 Diamond+ plan and Rs 3999 Platinum plan, and Netflix Premium subscription on Rs 8499 Titanium plan. The customers on any of these plans will have the chance to upgrade to higher Netflix plans by paying the difference. Are you using JioFiber and are able to subscribe to one of the Netflix plans through Jio? Please let us know in the comments section.

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