Netflix now let subscribers remove linked devices remotely

Manage Access and Devices allows users to view devices associated with their Netflix account and sign out of a specific device.

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Netflix Manage Access and Devices feature
Image: Netflix

Netflix has launched a new feature called Manage Access and Devices that allows users to view devices linked with their Netflix account and sign out of a specific device. It also shows additional information, including which profile recently watched on Netflix, last watched time, device type, and approximate location based on IP address. According to Netflix, Manage Access and Devices is a most requested feature and will help members to manage their device security.

To use the Manage Access and Devices feature, click on the profile picture on the top-left of the screen and go to Account settings. Under Security & Privacy section, select Manage Access and Devices. Now, it will show active devices with approximate location, device type, last watched time, and recently watched profile. Users can log out of specific devices that are no longer in use. It will also help Netflix users to monitor active devices for unusual activity and sign out of those devices.

The streaming service also believes that Manage Access and Devices feature will be helpful for users to log out of devices they used while traveling. “With the busy holiday season just around the corner, many of our members will be on the move and watching Netflix wherever they are traveling to see family and friends. Logging in to your account while at a hotel or even your friend’s house is easy and intuitive, but occasionally people forget to log out,” the company said in a blog post.

The Manage Access and Devices feature is rolling out to all Netflix users globally. Users can access it on a web browser, iOS, and Android devices.

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A: Netflix is only Rs 500 a month here which is consistent with our global pricing.

Q: Amazon is that much for a year, I believe.

A: Yes, but they do not have our shows. They have some content and then there is lots of stuff on YouTube for free. So think of it as, there is free content, there is cheap content and then what we try to do is have great content, have very unique shows with very special things and to make it easy to subscribe and join.

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