Meta launches broadcast chat feature ‘Channels’ on Instagram

Broadcast channels are discoverable by all users on the social network, but only followers who join the channel will receive notifications when the creator posts updates.

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Instagram channels

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, is introducing a new feature called “Channels” on Instagram that enables creators to share public, one-to-many messages to interact directly with their followers. The feature provides support for various forms of content like text, images, polls, reactions, and more. This feature will allow creators to use broadcast channels to update followers and share behind-the-scenes moments.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the feature, and he himself started a broadcast channel where he will be sharing Meta updates going forward. Channels are being tested with selected creators in the US, with plans to expand the feature in the coming months. Broadcast channels are designed only for creators to post content, with followers having the ability to react and participate in polls.

Creators can now update their followers with a more direct way to engage with them in the app, as opposed to posting stories to share news and updates. The feature also enables creators to get feedback from followers and promote their content. In the coming months, Instagram plans to add more features to broadcast channels, including the ability to invite another creator to the channel to discuss upcoming collaborations and collect questions for an AMA via question prompts.

Meta plans to bring the feature to Messenger and Facebook in the future, according to Zuckerberg. Once a creator gets access to channels, they can start a channel from their Instagram inbox, and followers will receive a one-time notification to join the channel after the creator sends their first message. Creators can also encourage their followers to join by using the “join channel” sticker in Stories, and they will soon be able to pin their channel to their profile.

Broadcast channels are discoverable by all users on the social network, but only followers who join the channel will receive notifications when the creator posts updates. Followers have the ability to leave or mute broadcast channels at any time and control their notifications from creators.

Meta has stated that broadcast channels are subject to Instagram’s community guidelines, and people can report both the channel and specific content shared in the channel that goes against Meta policies. The company has tools and reviewers to help identify, review or remove the content in broadcast channels that may violate its guidelines.

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Facebook world's no.1 Social networking site buys a Instagram photo app for $1 Billion.

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What Is Instagram?
Instagram where users take pictures with smartphones, edit and retouch them with borders and filters, and then post the images on social networks. Instagram Founded in 2010, it has become the most popular free photo-sharing application on Apple Inc.

Where Instagram, owned by San Francisco-based Burbn Inc., was valued at $500 million after raising about $60 million.

Zuckerberg’s full announcement is show as below and in their Facebook Profile Post:

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FTC investigating Facebook-Instagram deal'

The US Federal Trade Commission has reached out to Google and Twitter in an investigation into Facebook's $1 billion acquisition of photo-sharing service Instagram, a source familiar with the probe told Reuters.

It was not immediately clear what specific information the FTC was looking for, the source said. The Commission automatically initiates a review of any acquisition of significant size.

The acquisition of the top photo-sharing service on the internet is a crucial part of Facebook's strategy to bolster its mobile offerings, at a time when consumers are increasingly accessing the internet through smartphones.

Facebook had said it hopes to complete the deal -- the largest in Facebook's history -- in the second quarter, but some observers think that may be an ambitious target, given the size of the deal and Facebook's status as the world's No.1 internet social network with roughly 900 million users.

The FTC's review of the deal comes as Facebook is preparing to raise as much as $12 billion in a record-breaking initial public offering that could occur as soon as next week.

Some investors have cited Facebook's limited advertising revenue from the mobile versions of its service as a potential concern with regards to the company's long-term growth potential.

Facebook and Twitter declined to comment. Google was not immediately available for comment.

-Times Of India

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