Widevine L1 Supported Phones

My Mi A2 only Support L3.

Can any one confirm about vivo z1 pro prime video in hd
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Prime video support only Samsung and one plus after 6 modrl mobiles for HD streaming
Again, please check post 1 as to why having widevine L1 doesn't guarantee Netflix/prime video in HD
Can any one confirm about vivo z1 pro prime video in hd
Download the app as mentioned in post 1 and check it. If it is, post a screenshot of your phone here and I'll add it to the list..
I am also facing this issue, I find and try many methods. but not work for me. Then I try a method which solves my error please follow
Open Chrome and type the following address in the address bar
Now find entry find an entry named “Widevine Content Decryption Module”.
Click the button “Check for update” present underneath.

I hope this will fix your Widevine Content Decryption Module Update error issue
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