Test Your Hearing With Just A PC And Headphones


29 Nov 2012
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Test Your Hearing With Just A PC And Headphones

There are quite a few sites online that claim to be able to test your hearing (or rather, your hearing loss). However, many of these are produced and maintained by companies who make or sell devices to help you hear better. So there's a chance that the results may not be totally impartial.

That's why a professional research engineer and sound designer decided to create his own. You'll find it at http://hearingtest.online/ and you just need a computer with headphones in order to use it. Once you've calibrated the test, which is explained on the site, you click on a series of icons to listen to a collection of sounds at varying levels of frequency and loudness. By plotting the point at which you can't quite hear each sound, you can create a graph that's similar to what a professional audiologist would produce. And you can get an idea of whether you have any significant hearing loss that might need to be investigated by a doctor.

The system is free to use.

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