Discussion Is it high time government regulate smartphone usage for children?

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Horrifying subject!!! Parents must take initiative for this if your ward is using excessive smartphone just take away it from him. He might throw tantrums but, try to avoid them. If you are in such condition where children is grown up visit the psychologist. Smartphone is not just harmful for eyes but also can effect their mental health.
My opinion, first parents carelessly give smartphone to their children so they don't disturb them while they are working, talking, using smartphone, etc possible reasons. In results such condition occurs.
Exactly, whenever I visit one of my relative house, their 5 year old kid has a smartphone to watch YouTube Shorts or play games while they're feeding them.

And sometime, the YouTube Kids app shows some pretty weird stuff. I've told it to them a few times but they don't seem to pay any attention.
Leave kids i feel that even adults should be punished for misuse of mobile phones especially while driving.Here in Bangalore i see almost half of the scooty driving id*ots handling phone with one hand and using the other to control the scooty.Some have even gone to stage of whatsapping while driving the scooty.Most of these id*ots will be on unnecessary calls and have scant regard for their life as well as that of others.
Modi ji, it's high time government regulates screentime and ban artificial intelligence.
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