Seeking Help Looking for 5.1 Sound System with Dolby support

Prithi Deb

17 Apr 2019
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Hi everyone! Thanks to the Jio Android SetTopBox that came with our new Jio AirFiber connection, my parents have started watching less Live TV and more OTT content and also music streaming. Our current 2.1 sound system is on the end of its life. It has served us for almost 10 years.

Now I am looking for a 5.1 Sound System with Dolby support. Budget is around ₹10,000 (flexible to some extent). It will be connected to TV. I am open to any brand, as long as it meets my requirements.

I had wishlisted many available options from various brands previously, but most of them are now out of stock or discontinued. Only this one is available. Kindly, give your suggestions.

Also, ONE MORE THING!!!: Our TV doesn't support Dolby and neither it has HDMI ARC (only regular HDMI). We'll probably buy a new TV is the next year or two. So, till then is there any way to get Dolby audio from the Jio STB and FireTV Stick to Speakers? I have seen many AV splitter available on Amazon. But I am not sure if they support Dolby pass-through. Please do tell if you know any way to do the same.
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If you want to increase sound of your tv you can go for any 5.1 multimedia speaker system.
But if you need surround sound like experience , if you need your speaker works on different frequency, can play different nuances then you need a proper set up.
And below 10k or 15k u will get speakers with thumpy base(upper base which only you can hear) not clarity. To get clarity and lower base(which u can feel) u need to extend your budget.
So my suggestion either go for multimedia speaker just to enhance sound or invest in proper soundbar or system which has more clarity and more lower base than upper base.
And lastly, u need your room atleast 15*12 ft for proper acoustic. U need to place your two surround speaker atleast 15ft away to get proper sync other wise a 2.1speaker system will do the magic.
And dont chose speaker system based on wattage. Suppose a 500W Sound system works better at 85% volume. But in practical you cant play audio in 85% volume unless you dont want to get a bashed from your neighbour. So 120-200w speaker will do magic for smaller Room too.
Does your TV support optical out? If not, does the JioFiber STB support optical out?
Found 2 more options:

ZEBRONICS JUKE BAR 9530 Pro Dolby Soundbar with 5.1 CH surround sound 340W output, 16.51cm Subwoofer, Bluetooth 5.0, HDMI (ARC), Optical IN, USB, AUX, Dual Rear Satellites, LED Display and RGB LED.

boAt AAVANTE Bar 3150D 260W 5.1 Channel Bluetooth Soundbar with Dolby Audio, Signature Sound,Wired Subwoofer,Multiple Connectivity, Entertainment Modes(Premium Black)
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