Seeking Help IPV6 issues with Jio?


28 Jun 2016
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I'm recently seeing issues with internet in my office laptop when connected to Jio 5G and even on 4G via hotspot.

We use VPN and our VPN clearly says that my IP is not allowed. When checking, i get IPV6 are primary. I do get a IPV4 address but that not considered. Most sites disallow my IP.

If I disable IPV6 in APN or on the laptop, internet is very slow. Again it happens only in my Laptop via VPN.

If I use Airtel hotspot or any other internet, I don't have any issues.

I have used internet via the same Jio sim in the past and didn't have issues.

Things changed recently:

Mobile device - One Plus 11R from VIVO V15 PRO
Jio 5G
Laptop also changed.

Now because of all these changes, i don't know what is the cause.

Anyone encountered the same issue?
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