How to Avoid Mobile Phone Radiation?


26 Mar 2012
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How to Avoid Mobile Phone Radiation?

The World Health Organization has recently classified Mobile Phones as “carcinogenic hazards.”

Carcinogenic Hazards are the objects which pose significant cancer risk to humans.

Oh, then its a very serious issue. But why isn’t the Government doing anything?

Because – It took Government more than 200 years to put a label on Cigarettes stating that they are dangerous. No wonder the mobile phones are not yet labeled.

What can you do about it?

Spend a few minutes here reading this article and live for few more years extra.

The article has simple but effective tips which could help you avoid mobile radiation.

If you cared to some of your friends and family, then you may certainly want to share this with them.

“The World Health Organization now says that there is a potential risk of cancer being caused from Mobile Phone radiation.”

Whether you call them cell phones, smart phones or mobile devices, it seems like everyone has one today.

Yes! Mobile Phones have revolutionized the world, I accept. They are one of the most vital parts of our life, I accept that too. But at what cost? At the cost of our lives? Is it? Are cell phones more important than our lives?

There might be several studies that say mobile phone radiations have no impact on human lives, but remember that cell phones have been popular only for past 10-12 years. There are no studies conducted yet to find out the impact of prolonged exposure to cell phone radiation, say 20-40 years. Can you imagine the consequences that we would be facing in the future? Are you even ready to take that you can get brain tumor or cancer using cell phones?

Well, well, well, there are those old studies and researches which say “Come on, It is yet to be established that cell phones are dangerousto humans life“. But why did all of a sudden the World’s health care taker – WHO, relabeled mobile phones as “carcinogenic hazards“?

Carcinogenic Hazards – are the objects which pose significant cancer risk to humans.

So, why do you think they re-labeled it?

Is it the time for us to rethink about this whole thing? If yes, then how can we go about it?

Lets start it with the basics, and first know about mobile radiation in simple terms.

What is Mobile Radiation?

Let me not give a definition for this. I want every one of you to understand.

So I will put it this way – What happens to your food when you keep it inside a Microwave Oven?

Did you just say it gets cooked? You mean completely roasted? Hey, stop imaging something delicious now!

This is what a mobile radiation does to your brain. Yes, you got it right – it cooks your brain and if you use it for few hours – it simply roasts your brain.

Mobiles Phones emit signals in the form of micro waves.

When we hold a phone against our ear, the radiation is in direct contact with the tissue in our head which can cause changes in the brain cells.

If DNA in these brain cells gets damaged, they may become cancerous and cause brain tumours, in particular gliomas. This is a rare type of tumour that typically starts in the brain or spine.

Take a look at these thermographic images below. Can you see the difference in temperatures in both the pictures when the phone is off and when it is on And remember, the phone was used only for 15 minutes.


Tips to Avoid Mobile Radiation

So, what can you do about it, besides curbing your hour-long late night chats?

Well, I’ve put together a list of ways you can reduce exposure and your risk of frying your brain in the process.

These are some of the “Simple but Effective” tips which you must never forget while using the phone. Atleast not if you intend to live for few more years.

1) Minimize the use of cell phones

This definitely should be the first thing you should make note of!

Use the cell phones only for shorter durations. Do not speak for hours on it.

If your girlfriend/boyfriend demands you to speak for longer durations, then simply ditch them. They don’t really care for your life. (Joking, make them understand the ill effects of longer calls.)

2) Always use a headset/hands-free

A headset or hands-free can significantly decrease radiation exposure to your brain.

You can choose either wired or wireless(Bluetooth) headsets according to convenience and your needs. But wireless and Bluetooth headsets produce continuous, low-level radiation, so I suggest you to avoid those and stick with the wired headsets.

Keeping your phone in your pocket while you use a hands-free device isn’t doing much for you, because it’s still very close to your body while it’s emitting radiation. So make sure you keep it at a safe distance.

3) Use a loudspeaker when you don’t have headsets

Sometimes you might not have the headset readily available with you. In such cases, it is better to use the loud speaker of your phone.

But make sure you keep the phone as far as possible from the face so as to reduce the absorption of radiation by it.

4) Weak signal? Stay away from the phone

As soon as you see fewer signal bars on your phone, just keep the phone away instead of relentlessly using it and cursing your mobile operator.

The phone emits higher radiation to get the signal to the tower while it has weak signal strength.

So it is always better to make and take calls when your phone has a strong signal.

It is in fact better to switch off the phone while you have weaker signals.

5) Buy a phone with a lower SAR rating

SAR, stands for Specific Absorption Rate, is a good indicator as to how much radiation your cell phone is giving off.

One should always try to know about the radiation levels of the phone or the model you intend to buy.

You can make use of the Internet and search for the SAR of the particular model you are looking for.

Those of you who have a phone with high SAR can consider replacing it with one that emits the lowest radiation possible and still meets your communication needs.

6) Choose texting over talking

Mobile phones use less power to send text messages than calls. Less power obviously means lower radiation.

Also texting helps you keep your phone away from your ear or head, which is definitely good.

If you’re on the go, text instead of calling. Once you get home, hook up your headset and do the rest of your communication.

If that didn't impress you, then this will – “You can save some good money by texting”.

7) Never use a radiation shield

Radiation shields such as antenna caps or keypad covers were in fact introduced to reduce the radiation from mobiles, but they just do the opposite.

The radiation shields reduce the connection quality and force the phone to transmit at a much higher power with higher radiation.

8) It’s better to listen more and talk less

Cellphones emit maximum radiation when you talk or text, but not when you’re receiving messages or listening.

Hence, the age-old saying of listening more and talking less can come in handy here in reducing your exposure level.

9) Never keep your phone next to you while sleeping

Is it a phone or your girlfriend/boyfriend to keep it right next to you while sleeping?

Oh please, never keep the phone next to you while sleeping. Some of you even keep it under the pillow (specially girls), you should never do that.

Even when you keep the alarm. You can definitely hear it from a few feet distance.

Ideally, a cell phone should be kept a few feet away unless you are expecting a call from the President or the Prime Minister right in the middle of the night.

10) Limit your children’s use of phone

This is more important if you are a parent or have kids at home.

Young children’s brains absorb twice as much cell phone radiation as those of adults. Hence, they are at very high risk of getting brain tumor or cancer.

They should be allowed to use the phones only during emergency situations and never again.

11) Use a land line whenever you can

Yes, you heard me right.

It is safe and you can talk for hours.

With cell phones being linked to cancer, land line phones could make a big comeback soon.

Bonus Tips..

1) Avoid putting mobile phone in your left pocket, which is closer to heart.

2) Avoid carrying cellphone clipped to your belt, as it has been found to affect fertility.

3) Switch between your left and right ears when using the cellphone without headset.

4) Pregnant woman should avoid using cellphones as it may affect foetus.

5) Avoid unwanted and advertisements calls to the maximum.

Last Words

Nature didn’t prepare our brains for radiation.

The long-term consequences of mobile phone radiation can be devastating. So it is worthwhile to take matters into your own hands.

Just use a wired headset or the speaker phone function and that keeps the phone far enough away by avoiding significant risk.


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