How to increase life of JioPhone [Do's & Don'ts]

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1 Aug 2014
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Many of my family members swift to JioPhone from 2018 onwards when I bought first JioPhone. And, while all these years they have faced some trouble too. But, most of the time not because of manufacturing but because of mishandling this tiny device. In this thread I'm mentioning the points one should remember as Do's and Don'ts.

  • Whenever your device breaks down always visit nearest JioCare service center. They have genuine parts at affordable price.
  • Always use original charger it will not gives your phone a heatless performance but also increase battery life.
  • Keep your JioPhone away from water and liquid surfaces as it can damage your device.

  • Don't show it to local shop repairer, as most probably they are not able to repair it as it's kinda complicated device. Also, after this if you visit Jio Service Centre they will ask for device swipe. And, remember device swipe for market open device is 1150 rupees.
  • Don't use local charger or charger of your smartphone in it, as your smartphone is smart enough to stop taking power once it's charge. But, not your JioPhone it will led to battery to expand which eventually damage your phone back panel.
  • Water damage to JioPhone will led you to same situation, JioPhone will get swapped with refurbished one at 1150 rupees.
Note :

  1. Battery & Charging purchase requires IMEI number if you are not taking phone with you just take IMEI number.
  2. Cost of battery & charger is 200 & 100 rupees respectively which is less than the I was offered by local shopkeeper.
  3. Yes most important previously if your JioPhone is accidentally damaged like water damage and market open it was refused straight forward. But, not now just give 1150 rupees you will refurbished JioPhone which in good quality.
  4. JioPhone keys stop working as time passes so just visit service center they'll repair it at free of cost.
Hope it will helpful,
Thank You for reading.
Jio dhan dhana dhan
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