Facebook's music service to be launched next month, say reports


5 Aug 2011
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Internet is abuzz with reports that Facebook is launching its long-rumored music service next month. The social networking platform will be integrating third-party music services such as Pandora, Spotify and MOG. The new service is expected to be launched on September 22 on the sidelines of F8 developer conference.
Facebook is reportedly presently changing design of the website in order to make it a hub for listening music. However, the service will not be restricted to music only and it would also feature movies and video games. According to people privy to the development, the new service will be similar to the conventional services available on Facebook presently and that the users will be able to share music like photos and videos. Facebook will allow the third party online music services to publish their activities on Facebook pages and prompt the users to pursue actions such as adding friends and liking pages.
It's notable that music service on Facebook has been long rumored. Soon after the launch of Skype-powered video chat service, a blogger discovered some codes in Facebook hinting at the music service. Check out our previous coverage on Facebook music service here.
Facebook's new move is being seen as part of its larger effort to improve the media content available on the social networking platform. Considering Facebook's whopping 750 million users, the new move will certainly put the social networking site in direct competition with a rapidly growing competitor Google, which recently launched its cloud-based music service.
Amazon's Cloud Player offers a similar service to Google Music Beta, though it sells music online as well. Apple's iCloud offers iTunes Match, which allows its users to save songs on the cloud and download them. It's notable that Apple's iTune is one of the most popular music stores online.

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