Bought a Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro Max

Switch to GBoard and I think you will have totally great experience
I’m really hesitant to do that. I don’t want Google to be collecting any data of mine which is the primary reason I switched to an iPhone. Haven’t installed any Google app yet and no Facebook apps except WhatsApp.
Now I’ve also noticed that WhatsApp doesn’t send notifications when I remove the app from the recents list. Only when I open WhatsApp I see the unread messages
I figured out, but then in the Notifications page I don’t see WhatsApp listed. Can anyone help solve this?

The first thing I didn’t like about the software is the Apple keyboard app. The layout for secondary buttons has changed compared to what gboard used to offer. If they could have provided the full stop button on the right side of the space bar like on Android, it would help save a few keystrokes. I’m inadvertently pressing the return button instead of the button which would usually have the full stop button.

Another thing I really miss from android on the keyboard is the glide scrolling. If we swipe left or right on the space bar, it used to place the cursor to the left or right of the current position. I’m not sure if I’ll switch to Gboard just because of this or not.
It’s initially frustrating moving from an Android phone, where every key in Gboard has a huge set of symbols, to an iPhone with its (intentionally) limited keyboard. Gboard will solve the problem only partly; you can press and hold for the numbers, but for other sumbols you will still need to press the 123 button. A better option is ReBoard, where you can choose custom symbols for each letter. Personally I don’t use it though; I use a combination of the iOS keyboard and Gboard. ‎ReBoard Keyboard: Fonts+Themes
By the way, I didn’t notice your new username until now. Were you @Sparker0i bro? :huh:
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