Bought a Sierra Blue iPhone 13 Pro Max


13 Aug 2017
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So I've finally made the switch from Android to iOS (or will be making the switch once I get the phone)

I've very recently gotten ~$850 worth prize card from my company for participating in an hackathon, which I could use globally to buy anything. So I've been thinking of redeeming this prize card at an Apple Store in the US, once the Covid related restrictions ease.
I told my cousin to purchase an iPhone 13 Pro Max 256GB variant + 20W charger using the $850 bonus I had + an extra $378 from my own pocket.

256GB was always a requirement for me because my OnePlus 7T 256GB is almost 70% full, so with iPhone apps typically using more storage it was always a necessity. Plus the cinematic video mode was going to be restricted at 1080p for the 128GB, so I did not want to have any lesser features on my phone.
Will definitely miss the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone, but I'll eventually go for an Apple Watch 7 in April next year so that will offset phone unlocking issues during Covid times.

Today he went ahead and bought the phone online on the Apple website. The phone will reach him only in November end due to the shipping date.
He will be coming to India in late December, so only then I will get my hands on with the phone.

I still wonder whether I should have gone for the Pro variant instead of Pro Max or not because of the phone's weight. It's an awful 240g, 50g more than my current phone OnePlus 7T and 70g more than my brother's Galaxy S10+.

I'm hoping my next phone after this only comes after at least 4 years - I guess sometime around 2026...

Here is the biggest reason I bought the phone:
It won't be once Oxygen OS 11 rolls out. It absolutely destroys anything OnePlus is known for. I'm using it rn and am already considering moving to an iPhone, unless there's a flagship pixel coming to town...
My OnePlus camera quality has degraded a lot faster than I hoped it would. I've started to see RGB pixels in the photos that I take, even after zooming in at only a 1.2x in the photo.
Battery life has taken a hit compared to OxygenOS 10, however the latest update has the best battery life compared to the previous OxygenOS 11 builds, but still lower than OOS 10.
Phone still feels fast thanks to the 8GB RAM but the overall experience now sucks.
Moreover I don't trust the app tracking practices of apps in Android anymore.

I will give this to my mom once I get my iPhone, and then will take here Poco X3 as my secondary phone, and give my backup Redmi Note 3 to my younger cousin for his school needs.
Congratulations bro on getting the beast. :)
Congrats brother... Enjoy the new phone and don't forget to post a review here...
Congratulations Bro But Why US Variant Instead Of Indian Variant Is It Possible Abroad Variant Unlock To Indian Carriers:huh:
Congratulations Bro But Why US Variant Instead Of Indian Variant Is It Possible Abroad Variant Unlock To Indian Carriers:huh:
I bought the unlocked variant directly... That works with Indian carriers.
I bought the US variant because of the huge price gap between the two
Congratulations brother
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