ACT Fibernet app gets an upgrade

ACT Fibernet app gets an upgrade

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Bengaluru based broadband service provider ACT Fibernet has decked up its app with a newly upgraded version. The new update went live earlier last week on the Playstore and App Store with ACT stating that the new app will enable a lot of new features.

ACT Fibernet app gets an upgrade

According to Playstore listings, the new update went live on May 14. The new update i.e 22.3.4 with a download size of 17M enables ACT Fibernet customers to experience a range of advantages.

If a customer is looking for a new connection and wishes to explore the plans and subscribe for a new connection the same can be done through the upgraded app. The ACT Fibernet app can also be used to download and pay the bill along with tracking of data usage. Incase the customer wishes to have more speed and data then the same can be done by looking at the high-speed plans and upgrading through the App.

ACT users can also register and track their service requests through the app. The app has been designed for ease of use with the best offers accessible on a single click in. The access to support and information is now instant with quick links.

ACT users can also now subscribe or login to OTT apps from the ACT Fibernet app itself. As you can from the above image, Netflix, Zee5, and Hungama are listed in the app.

ACT Fibernet user Siva said, “For instance, you click on Netflix you can login via a unique OTP to the Netflix and then create account/login with existing account to subscribe Netflix via ACT billing.”

The app, however, has received few negative reviews off recently. One customer complained that there was no option for downgrading the plan while another one complained about connectivity issues.

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