TRAI makes interconnection easy between two PSTN and NLD network

TRAI makes interconnection easy between two PSTN and NLD network

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The Telecom Regulator Authority of India (TRAI) on Friday released the “The Telecommunication Interconnection (Second Amendment) Regulations, 2020”. The new regulation will make interconnection between two PSTN and between PSTN and NLD network.

The amendment has brought in a new regulation that the location of POI within a service area for calls between PSTN and PSTN or between PSTN and NLD network, will be at a place mutually agreed between the interconnection provider and the interconnection seeker.

If both fail to agree, then it may be at LDCC which would lead to carriage charge for carriage of calls from LDCC to SDCC and vice versa, to be paid by the seeker to the provider.

The existing POIs at SDCC level will remain in operation for a period of atleast five years or till the time the service providers mutually decide to close such POIs, whichever is earlier. The existing POIs at SDCC level will be closed if the service provider disconnects service at SDCA.

For the unaware, PSTN stands for Public Switched Telephone Network which is a circuit switching method to let users make landline telephone calls to one another. The telephone system uses copper wire to transmit.

NLD stands for National Long Distance network on the other hand refers to carriage of switched-bearer telecommunications services over a long distance network.

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