Telegram upgrades media editor to support animated stickers and editing videos

Social messaging app Telegram earlier this week in a blog post announced the up gradation of its media editor to support animated stickers and editing videos. The new update brings in animated photos, better GIFs, and video editor among other things.

Telegram’s new media editor now allows you to enhance video quality automatically with two taps or tweak many parameters. It let’s you zoom in on photos and videos to make a perfect image. The app now supports adding an animated sticker to any photo or video. The photo turns into a GIF on putting an animated sticker onto a photo.

Telegram has also got an emoji based tabs which will have most of the popular emotions with the GIF panel also upgraded with a new Trending section. The social messaging app further states that it has improved the loading time for GIFs.

If you want to clean your folders by keeping them within any existing folder, then you can do so by holding on any chat in the list to add it to one of the folders. Telegram users on Android can now get messages sent, edited and deleted with new smooth animations. Lastly, Telegram has set up a coded message to look after the Two-Step Verification to further protect the account.

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