Reliance Communication opposes Jio on Unified Numbering System

Reliance Communication opposes Jio on Unified Numbering System

Reliance Comm

In the comments of various telecom operators and associations accessed by OnlyTech, Reliance Communication (RCOM) submitted to TRAI that Unified Number Scheme (UNS) introduction would not be long term solution to Indian telecom sector’s number requirement this recommendation is directly against Reliance Jio who is supporting UNS and asked TRAI to implement it as soon as possible.

RCOM suggested moving onto 11 digits numbering scheme for mobile and fixed-line services at the same time, it added that prefix 9 and 2 can be used in the existing mobile and wireline numbers respectively to avoid inconvenience during the migration.

The company told that vacating of any numbering already in use would create immense issues for the subscribers especially corporate subscribers who have put out their numbers across the globe. RCOM is also against the pricing of numbering resources as it will put additional stress on already stressed Indian telecom operators. 

The Operator supported an automated allocation of numbering resources using number management system software, as it would also be able to give details of the utilization of the allocated numbering resources and acts as a bridge between the numbering plan administrators and the telecom service providers hence increases the overall transparency and efficiency of the number allocation process as well as its utilization.

Lastly, RCOM agreed that a revised and new national numbering plan and consolidated list of shortcode allocation should be issued on a yearly basis because this will resolve the charging and access related issues for the shortcodes issued by Department of Telecommunications (DOT) and address the White Listed code access issues.

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