Race for 5G : Why it Matters

Currently, it takes seven minutes to download two-hour HD video, with 5G it could be downloaded in just six seconds.

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World’s giant telecommunication companies and countries are in a global race to be the first ones to launch 5G network. To win the 5G race the US and China are engaged in a cold war to build the technology first. But why they care this much about 5g, let’s understand that.

5G is the first generation of mobile Internet delivering speeds 100X faster than the current 4G. Currently, it takes seven minutes to download a two-hour HD video, with 5G it could be downloaded in just six seconds.

NextGen Transportation
But the whole world is not crazy just for high-speed data and downloading movies, 5G has much more potential than that. 5G will lay the foundation for a communication architecture that will allow autonomous vehicles to connect with each other and support driving infrastructure. Chinese have already successfully tested self-driving cars connected to a 5G network and since then it has launched more than a hundred self-driving buses.

5G will completely revolutionise health care. Doctors will be able to diagnose and treat patients located at remote and distant places. It will change the way millions of us access health care today. Hospitals will have no long queues for treatment, doctors will be able to connect and examine their patients virtually, even remote surgeries will be possible. With zero lag time and delay, surgeries can be done remotely with robots.

Industrial Revolution and Economy
5G will be powering our industries too where everything will be interconnected wirelessly changing the industrial production of tomorrow. Factories will become smarter with automation powered by 5G. Robots will take millions of humans’ jobs that rely on manpower.

But, on the other hand, more jobs and innovation in tech will be generated with 5G as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality will come together as an integral part of our daily life. Industries like telecommunications, biotechnology and artificial intelligence will make huge profits. 5G technology will lead to the future global economy.

Study shows that 5G will generate up to 3.5 trillion dollars in revenue in 2035 and create 22 million jobs. That means losing the 5G race will be equivalent to losing the economy and millions of jobs. It’s clear whoever wins this race will be the next superpower and dominate the global economy.

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