Ortel Communications launches FTTH operations in Cuttack

Ortel Communications launches FTTH operations in Cuttack

Ortel Communications

Ortel FTTH services started in Cuttack

Service limited to certain areas in Cuttack initially

Plans start at Rs 499

Odisha based Multi-System Operator (MSO) and high-speed broadband provider Ortel Communications has expanded its Fiber To The Home (FTTH) services with its launch in Cuttack.

Ortel launched its FTTH service in the silver city of Cuttack earlier this month. The service is currently available in limited areas of Cuttack. Ortel will expand in other areas very soon. Ortel’s FTTH services in Odisha were launched on 13 March.

Ortel Communication’s FTTH services are now available in Bhuvaneshwar and Cuttack. The ISP has 395 Fiber nodes in Bhuvaneshwar out of which 76 percent nodes were enabled for the FTTH service at the end of February. Ortel will be ensuring that rest nodes are also enabled.

A month back, Ortel CEO reviewed the preparations for the start of FTTH services in Cuttack. It ran trial tests to check its FTTH services. Speed test app Ookla measured download speed of 250 Mbps and upload speed of 230 Mbps in the trial.

Ortel promises 99% uptime on its broadband services. It currently offers five different FTTH plans for its customers in Odisha.

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