Microsoft to uncover the future of Windows on June 24

Microsoft’s Windows event is now official, and it’s happening later this month.

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Microsoft has announced an event taking place on June 24 where it will unveil the next generation of Windows. The event will be online, and begin at 8:30PM IST (11AM Eastern Time). The company is expected to unveil a brand new user interface and feature set for Windows, a majority of which is expected to be derived from the now-cancelled Windows 10X.

Nadella had promised that this is going to be the biggest update to Windows in over a decade. The last decade includes two major Windows versions – Windows 8, which was arguably the biggest change to Windows UI and introduced a split between a full-screen Metro environment and the classic desktop environment, and there were all kinds of touch gestures; and Windows 10, which brought a fine balance between the modern-ness of Windows 8 and the User Interface everyone loved in Windows 7. Many major changes from the Windows 8 series was rolled back in Windows 10.

The company has been working on a complete refresh of the Windows Desktop user interface (with codename Sun Valley) since last year, elements of which we have been seeing in every successive build in the Dev Channel of Windows Insider Program. This event is where the company will finally show off what it’s been building. We should expect many new things being built inside Sun Valley – namely a new Taskbar layout, Start Menu enhancements, Fluid Animations, Removal of Windows 95 era icons and New Sounds to just name a few. We’ll have to wait and see what Microsoft actually does unveil at the event on the 24th later this month.

Microsoft could also finally position this new version of Windows as different from Windows 10, thereby possibly increasing the version number in the Operating System’s name for the first time in 6 years. We do not see any references to any version number in the Event invitation, not even Windows 10. While many reports online have speculated that this will be called Windows 11, various others report that Microsoft could do away with Windows version numbering entirely. We will all get to know more about this on 24th, when you can stream the event live from this link.

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