Walmart want the new e-commerce rules to be delayed

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31 Jan 2017
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Walmart Inc’s online retailer Flipkart has told the Indian government the company faces the risk of “significant customer disruption” if the implementation of new curbs for e-commerce is not delayed by six months.

New foreign investment restrictions will, from Feb. 1, bar e-commerce companies from selling products from firms in which they have an equity interest and also ban them from reaching deals with sellers to only sell on one platform.

In a letter to India’s industries department earlier this month, Flipkart Chief Executive Kalyan Krishnamurthy said the rules required the company to assess “all elements” of its business operations, according to a person privy to the communication.
“Redesigning numerous elements of our technology systems to ensure that we can validate and evidence our compliance, in such a compressed period of time, has caused us to divert significant resources,”

Indian officials have said the government is unlikely to change the policy’s implementation date. The industries department declined to comment .

Exclusive: Walmart's Flipkart warns of major 'customer disruption'...
modi Government is a disaster it does not want people of India to buy products at low prices from sellers like cloudtail, Supercomnet etc etc ....,.
They only taught to buy in online now acting like a patriot for upcoming election. If they really a patriot they shouldn't allow in our country ever in past 😠😠😡😡🤬🤬🤬
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I bought many products from Flipkart with huge discounts in last two years will be missing them if they keep adding on restriction. Whatever I bought online the same was costing minimum of 3k difference in offline
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