Good News URLs have now rich preview support

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3 Nov 2010
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Rich preview or Unfurling URLs support has been added to our forum.

Unfurling URLs

Now you will wonder what on earth is URL unfurling? :unsure:

When a URL is inserted into content and that URL exists on its own line within the content, we will "unfurl" it to a richer preview which includes the page title, metadata logo, description and favicon. Such rich previews add more context for users as to what the link contains.
- From the XF HYS
You must have already seen such Rich URL previews on Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram etc.

This is how our forum's Unfurled URLs will look like:

  • This feature is not limited to our own website links, any 3rd party website URLs can be unfurled as long as they have the required structured data for it at their end.
  • This feature also eliminates the mandatory requirement of content summary rewriting/copy pasting if you aren't willing to do it since the link preview will have two lines of text (read content summary) added automatically.
  • However we still encourage you to write a short summary of the news along with the original source link at the end on your post. It saves the forum readers time of clicking and loading another webpage. Not only that, it also helps the forum growth. It can also be helpful when the linked page is deleted.
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