Seeking Help Regarding HDD on other laptop


19 Jan 2017
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I was having Acer laptop but now it's not working can I use its 500 GB HDD on Dell Inspiron 3000 series.
I upgraded from windows 7 to 10 and I got genuine win10 on Acer laptop. Will I be get same my genuine win on Dell laptop after using on Dell laptop
But I am not having product key I forgot to note that product key when my Acer laptop was in working condition

Yes, you can use any 2.5-inch HDD on your Dell laptop.

After installing HDD, and powering on your machine for the first time, Windows will detect hardware changes and it will try to install appropriate driver automatically. It may not work properly as it should, and also, previous drivers can create issues, including BSOD.

You may be able to transfer your Windows 10 license from your old laptop to a new computer, if it's a Retail license. To find out the license type, open CMD and type slmgr -dli and hit enter. A Windows script host will open and will display the license type. If it's says OEM, MAK, or VL, then you can not transfer the license.


You can try using the Activation troubleshooter or contact MS support as said by Sparker0i bro.

You can also read this 👇 if it helps
Use the above suggestions in that case, it should work.
I contacted Microsoft about this they are saying that try to activate with Gmail ID link to to Microsoft. But I have activated my windows through new CMD process on my I Dell laptop how to to remove all this and activate through Gmail ID
It doesn't matter how you activated, if it's linked to any Microsoft account then it should be activated online if you are using the same account on the new laptop.

If you are able to boot from old HDD then you can retrieve your product key from registry as well. Or, run winver command and see what it says at the bottom some thing like " this product is licensed to : " email address will be listed.
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