Seeking Help HDD Fail Warning on Dell Inspiron Windows 10 Laptop

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Any suggestions on where may I buy? Is online preferred for Laptop HDDs?

You can buy online but buy only from a reputable seller. HDDs are fragile item and packing is important. Once you receive your new HDD, it's usually a good practice to inspect it's SMART parameters. For that purpose, you can download and use "Crystal Disk Info" in Windows and pre-installed utility in Linux.

My personal recommendation are Western Digital Drives. They tend to be on slightly more expensive side but are more durable.
Thanks for your help guys. Here is what I did.

Purchased Seagate SATA HDD 320GB from offline retailer store for Rs 950/-. Laptop is now 7+ years old, so dont want to invest more.
Installed Microsoft Windows 10 from DVD - it autodetected my digital license.
Laptop is up and running like new now.

Any suggestions on how to install Microsoft Office? Will I need to purchase a license?
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