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Liverpool's midfield is done and dusted.Fabinho has been shocking this ssn.Henderson,Milner are not getting any younger.Keita is not good enough.Thiago remains injured 80% of the times and Bajetic is too young to take charge of games.Klopp will surely rebuild the midfield in summer.
But i don't understand his blind love for TAA.That guy is a defensive liability.I have never seen a fullback with such poor sense of positioning.Mourinho would have sent Matterazi to beat him with sticks if TAA was his player :)
Another encouraging performance from Chelsea.Havertz looked like the player he was at Leverkusen.Such a complete performance from him.
No casemiro no party for utd 🤣🤣🤣

Man utd draw against South Hampton

Graham potter has been terrible as a manager for Chelsea now they are at 11th postion after holding that 10th position for so long would not be surprised if Boehly now tries for Nagelsmann soon

Manchester United after winning carabao cup
Lost against Liverpool
Against newcastle

So winning carabao cup is a trap

Even we last season fell on this trap after won carabao cup
Not able to ein premiere league failed to win ucl.

Man utd without casemiro 👇👇


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