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and both time
aston villa ex coaches disappoint their favorit teams or not do any favour

last time gerrard coached villa disappoint Liverpool and this time ex arsenal coach emery lost against pep interstingly both the time oponent was man city which led arsenal remin table topper under threat coz next week arsenal vs man city and of city win they will be top
which also led arsenal second position into threat coz man utd not far behind although they played more matches but still then table again look like man city one man utd 2

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1st win of 2023
Jota is back after injury

Gakpo scored his 1st goal for Liverpool

Merseyside derby Never disappoint
Salah scores after 5 matches assist by nunez


Even if United was not there answer would be same as the other match Chelsea should lose easily the way they are playing this season and how Dortmund is playing any other result is a bonus for Chelsea even a draw
Chelsea can upset just like Liverpool i said that coz Liverpool till now showing different form in ucl vs pl

And Dortmund chockers like spurs
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