plz suggest me a hard drive brand

Western Digital (WD) hard disks are very good. Next recommendation is Seagate. If you do not get these two then Samsung Hard Disks are also good.

Better go for 7200RPM Hard disk, since for laptops a 5400RPM is mostly given by dealers.
Mr.sudhansu said:
and suggest me a prize also

Price of Hard Disks had doubled over the past due to Thailand floods causing acute shortage of hard disks.

Now the latest market price is Rs4,650 for 500GB Hard Disk.

Source: Click here
Better to wait for few weeks....... Let the price go down.......
I bought my external 500GB Seagate Harddisk in just 3000/-
Wait for sometime, prices of external and internal hdd's are at sky rocketting prices due to Thailand floods... Dont buy now, you will be at a loss... Preference is WD or Seagate...
Dont buy anything but Seagate or WD. See, WD is alweays bettr, but Seagate is equally reliable at a bit cheaper price. I'd suggest WD, second preference goes to Seagate, check this, there is no third preference !
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