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3 Nov 2010
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It’s baffling to me when people put up a website and expect people to just find it. If you read these suggestions and smack your forehead saying, “Oh, I can’t believe we ran that $3,000 magazine ad without our web address! “ You are not alone! Businesses every day are frequently overlooking offline marketing to bring visitors to their site.

How many people are going to find out about your website off-the-web before they are online? Print your web address and e-mail on every piece of paper and promotional material that leaves your office. Your web address and e-mail address should be on business cards, brochures, letterhead and envelopes. The recipients of these items may not know you have a website and will be prompted to take a look. If they know about your website, maybe they haven’t been back to visit and will place your business card by their computer as a reminder to check it out.

Color postcards of your website are good for direct mail or to hand out at trade shows.

Advertise your website on your car or delivery vehicle with a personalized bumper banner or chrome-like lettering. It’s an inexpensive way to get lots of local exposure. Assuming the average person drives to and from work daily in rush hour traffic in a large city, each plate will be seen and understood a minimum of 3,000 times per day.

Colorful Images in Longmont, CO has a wonderful selection of address labels. How about putting your web address on a sticker and use it as an envelope seal? You’re sure to find some creative labels that are suitable for your business. These also make great gifts for someone with a new website or a nice thank-you gift for someone that links to you.

Post-it Notes® are used as frequently as paper clips. Try to include as much contact information as possible on your Post-it Note without making it look cluttered. Use your web address and phone number with your company name or tag line.
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