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Motorola ATRIX 4G Review

Bapun Raz

Staff member
3 Nov 2010
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Introduction: Let’ s reminisce for a bit shall we? It was roughly a year ago when we were all finally entertained as AT&T ushered in the era of Android as the carrier introduced the socially right round Motorola BACKFLIP . Being the last of the major carriers to enter the Android game, customers were probably hoping to be entertained by some kind of high caliber device, rather, they were only subjected to the mid-range offering. Since then, and up to the beginning of the New Year, customers had to endure and wallow with a sea of forgettable devices from Motorola’ s camp – such as the BRAVO , FLIPSIDE, and FLIPOUT. Call it an injustice or whatever you want, but now they aim to erase all prior memories as we open up our arms and embrace all the loveliness that the Motorola ATRIX 4G is about to offer. Not only it is the first truly respectable offering from Motorola’ s camp for AT&T, but it’ s gunning to position itself as the best smartphone device in its class amongst the carrier’ s lineup. Naturally, there are plenty of goodies strapped in for the ride. But it’ s taking things into new territories that haven’ t been explored yet. But in the end, will these new ventures actually transition to something that consumers want? The package contains: Design: With all the impressive hardware under its hood, one can easily overlook the less than tasteful design it’ s sporting. There’ s no arguing about it, but when it’ s compared to some of Verizon ’ s babies, say the Motorola DROID X, the ATRIX 4G doesn’ t come off as boasting a stellar design. Rather, it resorts to a minimalistic approach that’ s rounded on the corners and is constructed out of some marginally acceptable plastics. At the same time though, it’ s very lightweight (4.76 oz.) thanks to its plastic housing, while still tucking away easily in the pockets due to its slim (0.43” thick) looks. However, we do find its back cover intriguing thanks to the pattern painted on here that provides a shimmering effect when the handset is tilted at various angles. It’ s not sexy by any means, but its design is tolerable enough to accept. The Motorola ATRIX 4G resorts to a minimalistic approach that’ s rounded on the corners You can compare the Motorola ATRIX 4G with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool . Looking past its design, our eyes are greeted to an illustrious 4” qHD (540 x 960) LCD display that packs plenty of crisp details that make even the tiniest of text extremely visible to the naked eye. Moreover, color output is fantastically natural looking and luscious to behold without having the over-saturated looks of an AMOLED display. In outdoor settings under the gaze of the sun, it’ s still workable without the need of being shielded thanks to its strong luminance output. Plus, viewing angles are actually good with the handset since colors retain their level even at some extreme angles. And lastly, the display is quite receptive in registering all of our gestures and presses. The Motorola ATRIX 4G has a 4 ” qHD LCD display Viewing angles As always, the usual set of capacitive touch Android buttons line the bottom area beneath the display. Though, we still had a tendency of accidentally pressing on them since they’ re placed somewhat close to the edge. Next to the earpiece, the 0.3-megapixel front facing camera is perched nearby, while the proximity and light sensors are there as well. Front facing camera Placed alongside one another, we find the microUSB and microHDMI ports built into the left edge of the phone. The tandem enables the handset to offer some new innovative features that truly deliver in making the ATRIX 4G a great handset, but we’ ll explain more about that later on. Now the only thing found on the right side is the ample sized volume rocker that provides a reasonable amount of feedback when pressed. The sides of the Motorola ATRIX 4G While on the top, we’ re presented with the 3.5mm headset jack with the dedicated power button placed awkwardly towards the back and at angle. Rectangular in shape, some might be thrown off by it, but it actually doubles as a finger print reader which is used to unlock the device. Definitely adding yet another level of peace of mind, we like its tactile response and ability to unlock the device – which is still rarely found on most of today’ s smartphones. Additionally, the noise cancelling microphone is found close-by as well. The dedicated power button doubles as a finger print reader Turning it around to its rear, we’ re greeted with its unmistakable 5-megapixel auto-focus camera with dual-LED flash, while the speakerphone grill is found towards the bottom portion. Removing the back cover is simply done by yanking it off from either the top or bottom edges, and once that’ s done, you have access to its larger than normal 1930 mAh battery, SIM card slot, and microSD card slot.

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